The LED part of QLED 4k, as most of you will know, stands for light-emitting diode – the lighting system used in the vast majority of LED/LCD TVs for years now. The important bit of QLED is the Q, which stands for Quantum Dot. Quantum dot display is a display device that uses quantum dots (QD), semiconductor nanocrystals which can produce pure monochromatic red, green, and blue light.The dots in question range between two and 10 nanometers in diameter, and produce different colors depending on their size.

QLED 4K Features

  • Resolution
    1. 4K Ultra HD(3840 x 2160)
    2. Refresh Rate: 120 hertz
  • Connectivity
    1. 4 HDMI ports to connect set top box
    2. Blu Ray players, gaming console
    3. 2 USB port to connect hard drives and other USB devices
  • Sound
    1. 40 Watts Output
    2. Dolby Digital Plus
  • Display
    1. QLED
    2. Q Engine
    3. Wide Viewing Angle
    4. Supreme UHD Dimming
    5. Auto Motion Plus
  • Smart TV Futures
    1. Built-in Wi-fi
    2. SmartThings app
    3. just one app for all
    4. Content sync & share
    5. Mobile Set-up (Available in the Page)

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