KENT RO Systems Ltd., was the pioneer in introducing the revolutionary Reverse Osmosis Technology in India. Founded in 1999, Dr. Mahesh Gupta put in a lot of efforts and hard work to the brand of water purifiers to all new heights. From a backyard business to a company with a turnover of about 830 crores. Kent RO Systems Limited is a 21st-century health care products company with a vision for making the world a healthy and happy family. Over the years it has diversified from water purifiers to other health care products like Air Purifiers, Vegetable Purifier, Water Softener, Bed Cleaner, Cyclonic Vacuum Cleaners, and Cold Pressed Juicer.

Features of Product

  • KENT Water purifiers
    • This water purifier is made from Food grade plastic which is non-toxic and durable as well.
    • The filters of this water purifier are naked and are covered with transparent cover.
    • Below the filters, there is a large water storage tank and it also has a water level indicator which is quite convenient.
    • This water purifier comes with a traditional tap for dispensing water and it does its job very well.
    • Spin welded RO membrane: Kent Grand Plus comes with a Spin welded RO membrane which is damage-proof.
    • Hi-power UV bulb
    • Built in SMPS
  • KENT Grinder & Blenders.
    • KENT Turbo Grinder & Blender with Heating Function lets you prepare fresh beverages and food within minutes.
    • This operates at a speed of 30,000 RPM for faster grinding and blending.
    • The high-grade Japanese stainless blades make it easy to grind or blend food items.
    • The unique heating function allows you to make hot beverages like herb tea, soup, and soy milk in the same glass jar
    • With its large LCD display, you can check the selected menu and the temperature in Celsius it also displays warnings associated with any malfunction
    • This unique appliance prevents it from overheating and excessive current making it safe to use
    • this operates at a speed of 30,000rpm for faster grinding and blending In addition, the high-grade Japanese stainless blades that make it easy to grind or blend food items
  • KENT Induction Cooktop.
    • Safer than traditional gas and electric cookers.
    • 8 preset cooking options, Input Power Supply: Single Phase 230 V, AC 50 Hz.
    • Adjustable temperature.
    • Overheat protection via auto-off feature.
    • Easy to clean.
  • KENT Bread Toasters.
  • KENT Electric Rice Cookers.
  • KENT OTG Ovens.
  • KENT Bottles and Flasks.

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