Esquare plaza brings a wide range of top-selling Exhaust Fan of various brands like Polycab, Surya, and Havells at the best prices.

Polycab Surya Havells Exhaust Fan Features


  • Optimum performance even at low voltage
  • Decorative trims on blades and canopy
  • Wider tip blades for effective air circulation


  • Many come with extra features such as variable speed settings, remote controls, and timers.
  • They’re also handy when you want to clear the air in a room due to damp carpet, wet paint, or smoke from a burnt dinner.
  • They are made from materials that offer easy cleaning and lasting use.
  • High air delivery, silent operation.


  • High air delivery
  • Powder coated paint finish
  • Aero dynamically designed
  • Energy efficient technology
  • Silent operation
  • Wider Blades for Higher Air Delivery

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