Esquare plaza brings a wide range of top-selling Induction of various brands like Surya, Kent and Havells at the best prices.

Surya, Kent and Havells Induction Features


  • Timer function and one-touch operation
  • Fixed and variable cooking
  • 6 different mode of cooking functions
  • Digital LED display for easy operation
  • Auto pan detection and auto power off
  • Automatic switch-off at the high temperature


  • A portable cooktop, so you can use it indoors – it works silently and efficiently
  • Has 5 preset cooking options including Fry, Steam, Water, Milk, and Rice helps you prepare food more conveniently and easily
  • Adjustable temperature function to meet your cooking needs by providing the right temperature to your recipes
  • The preset timer function is a great way to cook whenever you want

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