Privacy Policy for Esquare Plaza

Privacy policy is a legal document which manage customer or client’s data. Every customer is looking for good privacy policy of any website .we don’t collect any information when you just simply visit our website ,whenever someone leaves a comment we get to know about his name, email ,and message .we uses SSL software to protect your information


SSL refers to Secure Sockets Layer ,it allows for the encryption of data when being transferred over a server .It helps to protect sensitive information such as credit number,password and user name .we give guarantee that all your information will be kept safe and confidential.

Cookie is a small file send from website and get stored on user’s computer .this policy help users to know what cookies are active on your website , what data is transferring while using this website . We use this policy to improve your online experience, save user’s preferences for future use.
If you don’t want is to use cookie then you can personally choose to turn of all cookies. If you do that ,then may be you can face some disadvantages like some features and services will be not provided properly.

Third party policy
When you give your essential information, we gurantee d you that your information is protected, we never give any user’s private information to any other party .

Child online privacy policy

We also use child online privacy policy this includes, whenever people under the age of 13 visits our website we don’t collect any personal information from them.

Updated privacy policy

We also have updated privacy policy .we will update this policy time to time , so to know about the changes in privacy policy ,you can visit this page and if you have any query you can contact us